“We do things differently. We don’t stand on tradition. Instead, we promote innovation, leadership, and student enthusiasm”.

KCM firmly believes in producing well rounded personalities. Numerous skills and talents have been unearthed amongst our students and to allow these talents to flourish, numerous clubs, associations and cells have been started for concurring individuals to meet and polish their skills

GLOBA, the creative  club of KCM Bangalore works diligently, behind the scenes, all year long and uses its expertise to create more awareness and knowledge it management field. These clubs focused on sports, hobbies, the arts, and ethnic and cultural interests. Open to all MBA students, the clubs plan events and activities throughout the year.  Clubs play a vital role in supporting and enhancing every aspect of experience and exposure needed by student.

From celebrating cultural diversity to offering professional guidance and support, clubs are created, run and shaped by students along with faculty. Clubs function as an exchange for both past experiences and new ideas, supplementing the collaborative academic environment that is the per-requisite of this era. GLOBA- Karnataka College of Management Clubs has the following clubs,           


  • OBJECTIVES: Focuses on empowering the most innovative and effective markers in the industry.
  • GOAL: Our mission is by providing access to resources, guidelines and way to expand learning beyond the class room fostering connection among students through mentor ship and networking opportunities.


  • OBJECTIVES: The objective of the club is to understand the dynamic economic environment in India and the world.
  • GOAL: The club plays a Key role in connecting finance enthusiastic and providing a platform for knowledge sharing.


  • OBJECTIVES: To foster more interaction among students, faculty and the industry while creating awareness and passion for the field of human resource

GOAL: To promote industry best practices, enhance student knowledge of the human resource profession connect with dominant experts and inspire the need for change