Anti ragging Cell

  1. KCM Campus is ragging free campus. Numbers of anti-ragging measures are in place to ensure strict compliance.
  2. Students will refrain from ragging of any kind and those who violate this rule will be instantly suspended from the campus and the halls of residence or the hostel for a period of one week. The matter will be placed before the Anti-Ragging Committee, which will review the incident of ragging and take action according to the due process of law. Students must take note that ragging results in their dismissal from the College. The attention of the students is also drawn to the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India wherein it is mandatory for the institution to file a complaint with the Police Authority, and with all resulting consequences as per “The Circular of the Education Department, Government of Karnataka dated 16/08/1999 on Prohibition of Ragging in Colleges and Hostels.”